Lianel Schwartz Couture

Terms and conditions

Copying of items

In the business of fashion design, Lianel Schwartz Couture is different as we offer a full range of services including fashion design (item is designed for you), dressmaking and alterations. Lianel Schwartz Couture does not copy, duplicate or replicate other companies’, designers’ or individual’s styles.

Clients are welcome to send pictures of the items that they would like made as examples and items can be adapted to fit your needs. 


An official quote is created once the design of the item, the date of your occasion, the choice of fabrics, lace and assorted trimmings, fittings and needs, have been discussed (‘the order”).

A quote is valid for 30 days only. If a deposit is not paid, the price could change due to unforeseen price hikes.

The quote will be amended after the first appointment with Lianel Schwartz Couture, should significant changes have been decided upon regarding the order,

 Collection of your finished item/s

If a client has had their item/s made by Lianel Schwartz Couture and has collected that order, they acknowledge the fact that the item/s is/are complete and completed as per specification. This includes, but is not limited to trimmings, accessories, fit, workmanship, colour and fabric choice and that no further changes or alterations are needed. The client acknowledges satisfaction with the product received.

Lianel Schwartz Couture does not entertain returns as each item designed is per order for the individual. 

The delivery date for each order is approximate only and time for delivery shall not be of the essence unless previously agreed by Lianel Schwartz Couture.  Lianel Schwartz Couture may deliver the order in advance of the delivery date upon giving reasonable notice to the client. Scheduling of orders are according to the time available to Lianel Schwartz Couture and any request to deliver an order at an earlier date will be at the sole discretion of Lianel Schwartz Couture and will incur an extra fee (payable in advance) to be determined by Lianel Schwartz Couture. Should Lianel Schwartz Couture determine that the order couldn’t be completed at the requested earlier date for whatever reason, it will not constitute grounds for cancellation of the order.

If the client fails to take delivery of the order or any part of it on the delivery date, Lianel Schwartz Couture shall be entitled, upon giving written notice to the client, to arrange for the storage of the order. Delivery shall then be deemed to have taken place and the client shall pay to Lianel Schwartz Couture all outstanding monies in terms of the order as well as any extra costs and expenses, including storage and insurance charges, arising from such failure.

Retention of Ownership

It is a term of the contract for sale of any items herein that the items shall remain the property of Lianel Schwartz Couture until payment in full is received and cleared. In the event of any default in payment, Lianel Schwartz Couture reserves the right to reclaim the items concerned.

Payment to Lianel Schwartz Couture

A 50% deposit of the agreed upon fee is to be paid in South African Rand to the specified bank account when the work is submitted to Lianel Schwartz Couture. All payments are to be by EFT or cash free of banking costs. No cheques accepted and no card facilities are available.

The balance of the fee as well as any additional agreed upon expenses incurred during the manufacturing process, is payable upon presentation of the invoice and before the final order will be delivered.

We will send updated invoices via e-mail after each payment has cleared in our account. 

No order or work will start on any item without proof of payment of the 50% deposit.
Once a payment/deposit (non-refundable) has been made, this secures your order with Lianel Schwartz Couture

Payment of the deposit (non-refundable) confirms your agreement that you accept the quotation as well as the design set out in the quote provided by Lianel Schwartz Couture. Any changes in the design, delivery date or other details of the quote after delivery of the quote may incur extra charges.

If you cancel your order with Lianel Schwartz Couture, the 50% deposit is non-refundable.

Rights to service and premises

Lianel Schwartz Couture reserves the right to refuse to provide a service and to refuse entrance to the business premises. Lianel Schwartz Couture reserves the right to cancel an order. If there is sufficient reason in special circumstances that the order cannot be completed, we will inform you in writing that the order cannot be finalized. The outstanding balance of your invoice will be cancelled and no further payment will be owed to Lianel Schwartz Couture.

Your responsibilities (the responsibilities of the client)

You undertake to send the work to Lianel Schwartz Couture on the date agreed to ensure adherence to agreed timelines

You indemnify Lianel Schwartz Couture for any negative consequences following from you not adhering to the above responsibilities.

 Risk and Title

Risk shall pass to the client with delivery or collection by the client or her/his representative.

Changes of Beads, accessories, lace, haberdashery

At the first consultation with Lianel Schwartz Couture, beads, accessories, lace and haberdashery will be discussed and decided upon.

Repositioning is possible unless it is not advisable due to damage of fabric. The final decision will lie with Lianel Schwartz Couture and may incur extra costs.

Adding accessories or beads after the finalized quotation will incur extra charges due to

  • Additional sewing of beads & accessories
  • Extra purchasing of beads & accessories
  • Changing of beads & accessories


Lianel Schwartz Couture uses a variety of zips including invisible zips on most garments, as it is generally suitable for formal wear. However, these invisible zips are more delicate. 
Lianel Schwartz Couture will show you how to operate the zip during your fittings, which gives you the opportunity to see that the zip of your item is in good working condition. 

If, after you have taken delivery of your item, the zip is damaged, it is your responsibility. 
All zips go through a quality checking process: upon purchase; when fitted; when item is steamed; when the item is placed onto a mannequin for photographing and record keeping; at fittings with you

We cannot guarantee zips at all, as we are not the manufacturers of the zip.


We match fabric colour to the best of our ability to the sample provided by the client, whether that sample be physical or in an image format. However, fabric colours will never match the colour in pictures sent to us. We view these images on different electronic devices that do not accurately represent the true colour. We cannot guarantee the colours seen on devices or pictures.

Certain fabrics do not conform to certain styles. Lianel Schwartz Couture will advise you on this. If you still wish to go ahead with the unsuitable fabric choice, we are not responsible for the outcome of the finished product. 

Fabric colours and samples may be provided by the client or by Lianel Schwartz Couture. If you provide the sample, you will need to indicate where you purchased the sample. We will try to buy that fabric for you. In the event that the fabric is no longer available, we will begin the sampling process again.

If a more expensive fabric is required than you were quoted for, we will consult with you first as this will alter the price of the original quote. 

Lianel Schwartz Couture quotes on the best-suited fabrics for the design of the item. If you have a certain fabric in mind, you will need to specify by naming the fabric and put it in writing via email. 

Lace, beads, embellishments or any detail on a picture of a fashion item sent by you will not be copied. We will endeavour to get lace, beads, embellishments or any other detail within the same concept of the image you supplied if that is your requirement. Bear in mind: almost all images have been edited (photo shopped); the picture taken in another country; the image drawn with software and the fashion item you see, never created.

The combination of two or more types of fabrics may cause the tones to vary. However, we try to match as close as possible. 

We make every effort to get the colour of your choice from multiple suppliers. In the event that the suppliers do not have stock, we will notify you to choose a second colour. 

We are not responsible if colours or prints fade, run or wash out.


If there are defects in the items you have purchased, Lianel Schwartz Couture abides by all statutory guarantee regulations.